Websites and SEO

search engine optimization SEO

You can get started on the web and your site will look terrific on smartphones and tablets – and it is included. A quality site that you control and you can update. Together we work out a plan to get your site going and we can show you progress in days rather than weeks.

WordPress Websites

We can help you find a domain name, setup personalized e-mail, and setup a website that you can control. The technology has progressed significantly in the past few years and it is really easy to manage content. If you can use a word processor, you can manage your content on a basic website.

We can help as much or as little as you want. Click here to get more information and to see our portfolio of websites we have created. We can design, create, and maintain your website or show you how to do it (if you like that stuff!) Contact us to find out more.

Service Desk

Support Line Number 403-800-8595Technical Support

We can help you finish that task by helping you with your software questions and problems. Over the phone, by secure remote control, or on-site.

You only page for the services you use and the time we spend working with you.  Easy, cost effective, and efficient.  You get back to work quickly.

When authorized, we can provide remote support so we can see your screen.  If required, we can control your computer remotely, provide remote training, or resolve the issue for you while you watch.

On-site support and training is also available.
Submit your request by filling in 5 fields on a short form.  It is easy and saves you money. Click here to see “how to create a support request” or click here and press the “Open New Ticket” button.

If you prefer, we can work with you over the phone.  Please call us at 403-800-8595.  We will do whatever it takes to get you working again.

Computer Repairs

Flickr_ComptuerRepairTech_Hillary_214x142Viruses, spyware, or malware have your computer running slower than it should? We have specialist to remove these pests and get your computer to run faster and be more reliable. We fix all types of monitors, Mac’s, PC’s, and laptops too.

Free pickup on all repairs or use one of our convenient drop off locations in the NE near 32 avenue or in the NW near Superstore.

We ensure your data is safe. We offer a fast service and we are not in a hurry. We are very careful with your data and safe guard your privacy. Our technicians can solve tough technical issues while protecting your data and treating you with respect.

We fix all brands including PC’s by HP, Dell, Sony, Acer and Apple Macintosh products including Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, or iPad. All work is guaranteed.

Give yourself peace of mind by having us check your internet connection in your office is secure and ensure your basic computer setup is secure. Our security check will make sense to you, be effective when followed, and not get in the way – and we will explain it to you in non-technical language.

We can install, upgrade, or migrate your hardware in your office. We are experienced upgrading business software and can help you set up a process to have backups of your data.

Become one of your supported customers. If you have a hardware issue, we can bring a loaner machine with Microsoft Office, Firefox, and Thunderbird already installed so you can get back to work quickly. Contact us for more details.